BlueScanner 1.1.2

BlueScanner is a bluetooth scanner and vulnerability finder for Windows
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BlueScanner is a bluetooth scanner and vulnerability finder for Windows XP. Although not all the bluetooth adapters are compatible with BlueScanner, those that are benefit from a very reliable information-gathering application. BlueScanner will collect data about all the bluetooth devices in range. First of all, it will store the more technical information: device type, IP address, Mac address, manufacturer, etc. It will also tell you the name the user gave to each device. For example, if three cell phones and two computers are in range, BlueScanner will tell you if the user named his computer PC, My PC, etc. The application will list all this information but it will not attempt to login into the devices. Thus, it does not incur in an active scan, it rather gathers information without letting itself be known. All the information is neatly distributed on the screen, and there is a log tab that will keep a textual record of all the information transactions. In short, this application proves useful when trying to establish what devices are in risk, but seeing that the range of bluetooth devices is rather limited, BlueScanner might struggle finding those devices.

José Fernández
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  • Good source of information for BT devices


  • Limited by BT range
  • It is picky in what device to support
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